The E+ Marcella and Highland Streets RFP  reflects the commitment of The City of Boston Mayor’s Department of Neighborhood Development (DND), Boston Planning and Development Authority (BPDA), Highland Park Project Review Committee (HPPRC) to finding solutions that is capable of maximizing affordable housing construction, advancing neighborhood sustainability, and providing local development opportunities.



Located in the Fort Hill neighborhood of Roxbury, the parcel of land at 273-287 Highland Street, Boston 02119 is nestled within a dynamic and diverse community that is full of energetic urban streetscapes, the tree-lined residential streets offer varied housing opportunities and thriving local businesses. 


The owner of the adjacent parcels 291-295 Highland St is a member of the development team. Therefore the proposal will consider the master planning for both 273-287 Highland St (Phase 1) and 291-295 Highland St (Phase 2). But the main focus will be Phase 1. 



The project will create 20 residential units on Level 1 and 20 parking spaces on Level 0. The building organization is planned to anticipate expansion into the adjacent property in a future phase of development, providing the potential for additional neighborhood impact and the construction of up to 24 additional units.

The central exterior circulation organizes the site plan around a pedestrian connection linking the east side of the site along Highland Street to the west parcel for planned expansion. All residential units have direct entries to this accessible landscaped area, creating an activated, socially engaging, and neighborhood-friendly open space. The landscaped zone also opens out to the shared gallery and amenity space holding the street edge, while helping to navigate the site’s existing topography and screening parking from the street.

Site plan.jpg
Massing Concept

Massing Concept